Finding a Balance in today’s world Can Be Hard, but in the right community. Everything is possible!


In a world that’s been going crazy fast for many of us.  It sometimes gets hard to jump off that ‘treadmill’ and think about what is truly important.

How do we deeply feel about what we do and where we are in relation to where we want to be?

Who are we hanging around with and are these individuals nourishing our souls?

A lot of how we feel is greatly impacted by our past experiences and in turn, affects how we look out onto the world.

Two people can be in the same room yet both of them will have a completely different experience.

I know how being part of the SFM has helped me with my Mindset but I wanted to ask some of my friends and other members of how it has helped them.

And this is what they said…


Thank you SFM by showing me the way. Not by holding my hand but just by giving direction. Being a member of the SFM has given me a completely new life new perspective, a new mindset, a new future. And a lot of lovely friends like you, Michele 🙂

Ruud Nellestiin- Netherlands

Finding out where your wrong beliefs are and working on yourself to change them, it is freeing and amazing the feeling of growth and self-discovery.

Dana Ro - United Kingdom

I have overcome a childhood trauma that has kept me quiet for such a long time. I now believe in myself that I can bring value, not just by working on my job, but as a person. When I look back at the event that happened that caused me that trauma, it is not worth it that it kept me so silent for approximately two decades. But I’m also now aware that even the small thing can have such a huge impact. So I’m now ready to do the positive things, starting with the small ones. Because those will matter as well!

Raymond Hoogesteger - Netherlands

The mentors in SFM, especially the Marketing Mastery and Elite Coaches have made it clear to me that there is a step-by-step process. If I follow the guidance I can create financial freedom. On top, the companions like you, Michele and like Ruud and so many others have given me a reason to stick with it when it was hard.

Judith Gitschel - Germany

Unleashing my inner power and potential. Growth and fulfilment based around my true self

Tobias Fransson - Sweeden

SFM has helped me to define my purpose! Knowing that I can make a difference and being provided with a platform to do it. 

Trish Davies - Australia

To discover your true potential you need to discover your why this is your superpower, and being part of SFM has helped to discover my why.

Christian Philip Matzke - Denmark

By connecting with those who are ‘walking the walk’ and generously sharing their sources of knowledge. Listening to peers, who encourage everyone in the SFM Community to trust their intuition and belief in their pathway to growth.

Helen Patricia Barton - Spain

Understanding after a conversation with Stuart Ross that success will NOT make us HAPPY…

BUT that we have to be HAPPY first. Couple that with defining my purpose and living that … starting at home. The weight fell off and I got my life on track.

Happy is an inside job. No one else can make us happy.

Steve Greenhalgh - United Kingdom

The SFM has been instrumental in changing my mindset not only in the areas of marketing and business but on my personal growth as well. The amazing tribe of like-minded men and women I’ve met and become friends with through this venue has been a Blessing! My new Familia!

Mary Arevalo - America

About Potts

Working from home mum of two dogs.

For me, the ‘letting go’ has been an ongoing process, but I have found that coming into my awareness has helped me to find inner peace. 

My Purpose

Is to give time and support for others to feel safe in the understanding they are seen for who they are so they comfortably shine their light following their chosen path, trusting and believing anything is possible.

My Mission

To offer a supportive structure where people feel safe and protected to sit in integrity with themselves and communicate who they are and what they want. 


 To empathetically listen with understanding to the difficulties others have in moving forward with their ideas, encouraging them to rely on their own belief and trust themselves to take the next step.


My Vision

A world where connection within communities enables everyone to shine brightly while walking their own path


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way for individuals without any experience, or even any existing business knowledge, to get started in becoming self-sufficient, and can write their own paycheck from home.

As long as you’ve got a laptop and an Internet connection, you can get up and running in no time without being concerned with the high start-up costs when starting a new business.

Like with any new venture, there will be a learning curve, but in theory, you can pretty much start from day one.

Let me offer you an example of what affiliate marketing is. If you go to a restaurant and have a fantastic meal with excellent service, it’s highly likely you will recommend it to your friends and family. You probably get a thank you for the referral, but they’re not going to be giving you any money for it.

Here’s another example, lets take good old-fashioned retail shopping. You buy products either from friend’s recommendations or through your own needs and desires, from the shop owner/vendor. Who gets paid for those products, which you then get to take home.

Whereas, in the online world, a market place such as Amazon, offers the same products online and relies on affiliates to get the customers through the virtual door. As an affiliate of those products each time, you make a referral; you will get a return for that referral.

Think about this, continually making recommendations for products or services, whether it’s things like information products that can be downloaded and accessed immediately or physical products in the Amazon marketplace.

As an affiliate though, any referral you make that leads to somebody completing a purchase earns you a commission, a check in the post, or a bank deposit every time you make a successful referral.

So, in reality, affiliate marketing isn’t about referring to friends and family at all. It’s about finding customers or potential customers who are looking for a particular product and service, then bridging the gap and making that referral. People are doing it for marketplaces like Amazon every day.

Can you think of any product on Amazon that you may have purchased recently? And,I can tell you that there’s a very good chance that when you clicked the link or did a Google search that it was actually an affiliate that made the referral.

Affiliates have come to learn how to do online marketing and are matching compatible people to specific types of products.

One of the greatest things about this business model is that you can have the potential to build a business around your passions by finding and selling product or services that you’re passionate about.

Chances are there are people who have already created products around that niche or market, so you get to sign up as an affiliate, work on your business, make referrals and potentially start getting paid for that work.

The obvious question is, “Why aren’t more people doing affiliate marketing?”. Chances are, if you take a look around at your friends and family, probably not many of them are affiliate marketers.

Most of them probably have traditional jobs, working in shops or in services, maybe even doctors, lawyers, and dentists.

Well, I think the answer is that affiliate marketing is still very new, even though the Internet has been around for over 20 years and is something that people use every day.

A clear understanding of the different ways of making money on the Internet is still minimal. It’s not until you decide to become educated in this area that you’re ever going to see these opportunities around you.

Are you: somebody who likes the idea of making money online but you don’t know where to get started?

Don’t have your products to sell, but you like the freedom that’s offered with an Internet business?

Maybe you want a second income around your current job; maybe you want to be in a situation where you can become full time on the Internet?

Being an affiliate means, wherever, you have internet access means you can work as an affiliate. People are scaling up their incomes almost every single month once they grasp the basics.

It’s only a matter of being familiar with the process, and that is where the online education system comes in. It defiantly is something worth considering!

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way for individuals without any experience, or even any existing business knowledge, to get started in becoming self-sufficient, and have the ability to write their own paycheck from home.

Like I say as long as you’ve got a laptop and an Internet connection, you can get up and running in no time without being concerned with the high start-up costs when starting a new business.

Like with any new venture, there will be a learning curve, but in theory, you can pretty much start from day one.

Do I need a marketing budget?

Quite simply, the more time and money you put into your business, the more likely you’re going to see results in a shorter time frame.

“Can you grow a business and build a business? Can you build your online business without a marketing budget?” the answer is “Absolutely, yes, you can!” We’re fortunate with the internet that there are free ways of getting online exposure and doing online marketing, but it does take longer.

Free advertising does take longer as you build up your following. Whereas, paid marketing will tend to get faster results*

If you hear stories of other students who have had fantastic success in only a few months, it’s because they’ve had a marketing budget. *

However, there are cases where individuals have done exceptionally well on free marketing because they’ve had the time to invest. Maybe you have both time and money, which is great, but be realistic.

If you have no money to invest in your business, then you’re going to need time. Equally, if you have very little time, it’s going to help you a lot if you’ve got more money to invest.

Paid advertising, when doing promotions online, does cost money. And of course, if you can put money in your business, it is going to help.

The online business model can be termed a pay-as-you-go model.

By this I mean most brick and mortar businesses, tends to have a significant outlay just to get started and it could take years to break even.

Think of investing in your business from a positive perspective and the considerable advantage­ with an online venture like I have shown you here, is that you can do it on a pay-­as-­you-­go basis. As and when you have the money you invest.

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed.
Please read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Am I tied into a lifetime subscription?

The Basic membership has a full 30day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide that this is not for you, then just email support@thesfm.com any time within the first 30 days to receive a full and immediate refund. No questions asked.

Please read the terms, which are available on the applications page when you apply. Also please note that there are NO hidden fees.

How are the commission payments made?

Payments are made once a month via bank transfer or Paypal

Start an Online Business

Are you ready for the ride?

Finding pleasure in the simplest things of life can be as straight forward as being thankful for your cup of coffee. A walk with your dogs, children, partner. A nice hot shower. Or simply kick back your slippers and lie on your favorite sofa.


If you want to bring more pleasure into your life, then all it takes is to be more grateful for the little things you already have.


Then when the big things come, just think how overjoyed you will be?


‘The more you wire your brain to notice pleasure in the little things, the more your brain becomes wired to notice pleasure in something every day, and then you get more of it.’

Marisa Peer




*Straight talk leaves nothing unsaid. Here’s the full disclaimer please read so you know exactly where you stand.

Please note that results will vary depending on the individual. Income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to provide you with the online tools and education that will help you kick-start your business. However, understand that there are some people who will not earn any income at all with the products and services offered. This comes down to your ability to follow directions and your determination for hard work. As an entrepreneur, full responsibility for your business success needs to be in place.

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