here’s a summary –

BUSINESS FEATURES – A break down, giving a brief description of the services that are available to you.

I offer a synapsis of what the Digital Business Lounge is otherwise known as DBL. The products within DBL such as; Simple lead Capture, Digital Skills Platform, Simple Trakk, Graphix Creator. And introduce which has over 6000 courses available to you from, Soft ware development to photography.

I have added a couple of videos of what two other members have said. And you have the option to enter you email details to receive the 7day video series.

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MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – A brief description on what you will recieve within the two first levels; Essential and Elite.

Your commission structure and how you can position yourself within the DEA.

You will also have the opportunity to apply for an application on this page should you wish.

I have also added a few short videos of what some other members say about the program.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to enter your email details if you want to receive the video series.

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WHAT’S IN THE VIDEO SERIES – I’ve taken a lovely picture of Stuart while he is in the kitchen with his glass of water. It’s actually a snap shot from one of the 7 day video series.

A breakdown of what you will get in the video series. The opportunity to receive the videos. And you can also go to the ‘Get started’ page from here.

The get started page also has another video with Stuart introducing himself and how he got started. I would grab a cuppa though, as he does like to talk.

Lastly, I have included three more videos, should you want to hear what some of the members have to say about it all.

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ACCESS THE 7 DAY VIDEO SERIES – This is where you can access the 7 day video series starting with number 1.

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